To the Editor:

America needs a fully-functioning economy.

The strongest argument for putting all Americans back to work immediately is, to date, the vast majority of COVID-19 deaths have occurred amongst already retired people receiving Social Security benefits or eligible to.

One-third of COVID-19 deaths have been individuals over 85; one-quarter between 75 and 84.

Long-term care residents have accounted for 50% of all COVID-19 deaths (75% in Minnesota).

Underperforming immune systems and multiple underlying health conditions are the greatest COVID-19 risk factors, the consequences of aging, although younger people may experience these also.

Conversely, children are the lowest COVID-19 risk group.

The COVID-19 death rate for those under 44 is 5%.

Over 99% of people with COVID-19 recover.

Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Deborah Birx stated COVID-19 death numbers might be inflated by 25%.

Evidence shows wrongly labeling a death as COVID-19 is widespread across America and “business as usual.”

Similarly, there have been widespread discoveries across America of COVID-19 testing labs blatantly classifying large groupings of people as COVID-19 positive who were not (also discovered in Minnesota).

Further, widely recruiting Minnesotans as test subjects (“guinea pigs”) for an unpredictable, “fast-tracked” COVID-19 vaccine — frightening. — Donna Christianson, St. Cloud

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