Design Electronics announced an agreement to sell its wireless retail store operations to Wireless World, according to owner Steven Andres.

The agreement will take effect July 12. All 10 Design Electronics locations will remain open, and all existing staff members will be retained or offered positions within either company, according to Andres.

Design Electronics will share its existing Little Falls location with Wireless World, continuing to operate its consumer electronics, appliance, IT, security, television, satellite and retail business alongside Wireless World’s Verizon operations.

The Long Prairie, Fergus Falls, Morris and Ortonville locations will end consumer electronic sales. The locations will transition to offering Verizon Wireless products and services exclusively under Wireless World’s ownership.

Product and service offerings at the Staples, Glenwood, Benson, Sisseton and Milbank locations will remain unchanged under Wireless World, according to Design Electronics leadership.

Wireless World is an authorized retailer of Verizon Wireless products and services with store locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

“We are very honored to be part of these ten communities. We’ve worked with Steve and his team on special projects over the years and really look forward to serving these communities and to bring the Design Electronics employees into the Wireless World family,” said Wireless World co-owner Vince Lubben. “This will bring our footprint to 61 stores in a five-state area. Wireless World earns many awards on providing a great guest experience and we look forward to continuing that effort to these communities.”

Steven and Eric Andres will remain active owners and managers of the Little Falls Design Electronics location following the acquisition. Services remaining in the Little Falls location include: consumer electronics, appliances, IT, computer repair, television, satellite, home/business security and factory authorized service.

Customer support during the transition will be available via phone: (320) 632-1780.

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