Thursday, July 18, crews began paving the streets in Little Falls from the Mississippi Bridge to First Street (Bank Square). When that work is completed, drivers will take a new detour, beginning with the commute Wednesday morning, July 24.

Thursday, the paver crew started the process of putting down two layers of blacktop (asphalt) on Highway 27 from the Mississippi Bridge to Bank Square (First Street) in Little Falls. That work, including temporary striping, will be completed by Tuesday, July 23.

With that work completed, Fourth Street to Ninth Street will be closed as the construction continues on that leg of the project for the next month or so.

Wednesday, Highway 27 will be open from the Mississippi River (bridge) to Bank Square (First Street). On First Street, drivers coming from the west will drive south to Fifth Avenue, turn east and continue around the high school to the intersection of 11th Street and Highway 27, located at the corner of the middle school, Walgreens and Coborn’s. There, drivers can continue straight or turn east on Highway 27.

Coming from the east, drivers will head south on 11th Street around the school which turns into Fifth Avenue and follow it to First Street, then head north on First to Bank Square.

Knife River is the contractor for the project planned by MnDOT.

Tim Otremba, Knife River’s general manager for the Highway 27 project, said drivers will follow the new detour beginning with the morning commute Wednesday, July 24. This is eight days earlier than reported last week.

Drivers should be aware the intersection on Highway 27 and Ninth Street will be closed.

Once the work is completed from Fourth to Ninth Streets, a third layer of blacktop will be laid from the bridge to Ninth Street. Otremba said Highway 27 will be open while the third and final layer and striping is put down.

The plan is for the work on the east side to be done by the time the Arts and Crafts Fair is held.

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