Ross William Bryniarski, 32, Little Falls, was sentenced in Morrison County District Court to 90 days of confinement — which he has already served — for a misdemeanor conviction of fourth degree damage to property.

A felony charge stemming from the same incident was dropped due to a plea agreement.

According to the criminal complaint, on Aug. 13, 2020, the Little Falls Police Department received a report of a domestic situation occurring at a residence on Eighth Street Southeast in Little Falls. While meeting with law enforcement, the victim stated Bryniarski came to her house and accused her of stealing his coin purse.

The victim told officers that Bryniarski “pushed her table against the wall,” causing milk to fall to the ground. He then threw some chips at her, before trying to give her a hug. She told him not to do that. The victim stated Bryniarski “got into her face and then back-handed her in the chin.” The officer noted she did have redness on her cheek and chin.

After backhanding her, Bryniarski punched the microwave, causing the glass to shatter. The victim attempted to run out of the front door, but Bryniarski grabbed her arm in an attempt to keep her inside. She eventually made it outside and called 911 after a construction worker was able to help her.

The officer on scene noted a broken microwave along with glass and milk on the floor. There was also some blood on the floor and a table that had been slammed against the wall. Bryniarski admitted that he used methamphetamine the previous night.

Bryniarski has prior convictions of felony domestic assault in both January 2012 and May 2015, and was also convicted for a harassment restraining order in Aug. 2020.

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