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Vote for a Servant Leader

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Letter to Editor

Vote for a Servant Leader

By Wever Weed

Gretchen Piper who is running for Minnesota Senate in District 33 will be, if elected, a servant leader because the fact is: family shapes a person’s character.

Gretchen Piper’s character was shaped in part by a grandfather whose leadership style — “Servant Leadership” — aimed towards serving needs of others first. It was how Bobby Piper for 26 years led the Minnesota born company known as Piper Jaffray. It was how he led his life. It also was how Gretchen’s father, Tad Piper, led that company for the next 30 years and how he leads his life. Ask anybody who knows of them and you will learn that countless Minnesotans from many generations have been helped along by the servant leaders of Gretchen Piper’s family.

Servant leaders are people whose focus is not to put themselves, their company, organization, or political party first. “Servant leaders are servants first,” wrote Robert K. Greenleaf, the person who popularized servant leadership. “They focus on, Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, more independent, more likely themselves to become servants?”

We can know Gretchen Piper will be a servant leader for District 33 by reading what she writes on her website, by hearing what she says in her videos, by speaking with her during a conversation, and by the character of the family who shaped her.

Voting for Gretchen Piper is to vote for a servant leader. Isn’t that who we need more of?

Wever Weed

2582 County Road 24

Long Lake, MN 55356


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