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Two Monticello Moose make the cut

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Every year at the Minnesota Boys State Hockey Tournament 10 lucky athletes are recognized for the Minnesota state High School All Hockey Hair Team.

This year two of the Monticello Moose sealed the coveted fifth and seventh spots: Jesse Dechene and Nash Wilson.

There was a bit of skepticism surrounding this years hockey hair video.

John King has been compiling and choosing the top 10 Minnesota All Hockey Hair Team and creating youtube videos for a decade now and declared that the 2019 tournament would be his last.

So when the Moose found out there was a video, they were surprised.

“I really didn’t think he was going to do it this year, so it was cool to be chosen and surprised like that,” Wilson said.

Apparently King decided to do the video again because he felt the wrong styles were getting recognition. He’s all about the flow, and Dechene and Wilson made the cut.

King works with the Hendrickson Foundation and has a gofundme page that people can donate to. This year the video was sponsored by Great Clips as well.

Dechene was up first for Monticello coming in fifth place over all.

His luscious locks were named “The Sinatra Salad, The My Way Mullet.”

“All I did before introductions was fluff up my hair,” Dechene said. “I guess that’s all it took.”

He’s been growing out his hair all season long specifically during the hockey season. He was thinking about doing a mullet for the tournament, but he didn’t think it would be worth it if the wasn’t going to be a top 10 Hockey Hair Team video.

“If I knew he wasn’t retiring I would’ve done a mullet,” Dechene said.

Wilson was next in seventh place with his “Moose Pelt”.

“All of my teammates love that name,” Wilson said. “I just started laughing when I heard it.”

While the Monticello hockey players didn’t think Kind was making a video, they still wanted to look nice for introductions at the beginning of the state tournament.

So Dechene and Wilson went to the salon to get blonde highlights.

“We asked if we could get highlights and a perm, but then we learned that if you do both to your hair it would fall out,” Dechene said. “So, we decided not to.”

Wilson said that he wanted to do something more with his hair.

“Right before the introductions started I put hair ties in my hair and I put curl cream in my hair

“It felt pretty good actually,” Wilson said. “The hockey hair video is really big so I never thought I would make it on there.”

“I agree,” Dechene said. “It’s pretty cool to see yourself on something that big,”

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