Camdyn Branson

Camdyn Branson swims in lane six during the 200 yard freestyle. Branson took first finishing in 2:12.62, Thursday, Oct. 7.

It has been an impressive run for the Monticello girls swim and dive team. A run that continued last week when on Thursday, Oct. 7, Princeton came to town. They haven’t lost a meet yet this year and that streak continued against the Tigers. The Magic maintained a steady lead wire to wire, winning the meet 97-79.

“The swimmers are seeing a lot of improvements. Many swimmers have been able to try new events and have had a lot of success. Moving the athletes around in events creates a lot more options for post season strategy,” said Head Coach Stacy Biegler.

The girls wasted no time. The Magic took the top three spots in the 200 medley relay. Belchak, Urick, Biegler and Biegler took first with their time of 1:58.54. Olson, Welle, Stachowski and Martin finished in second with their time of 2:04.86 and Ibs, Branson, Yender and Greenwaldt rounded out the top three with their time of 2:09.93.

In what was a common theme for the evening, Monticello took the top three spots once again during the 200 freestyle. Camdyn Branson took the top spot earning six points with her time of 2:12.62. Elsie Farnsworth was up next, finishing in second place with her time of 2:16.43. Kennedy McCalla was right behind her with a time of 2:16.85, good for third place. At this point Monticello held a 25-5 lead over Princeton.

The top three spots in the 200 individual medley once again were claimed by the Magic. Adalynn Biegler was first, finishing with her time of 2:18.86. Natalie Martin was next, finishing in 2:28.26 and McKenna Biegler was right on her heels, finishing with a time of 2:28.36.

The 500 freestyle was also dominated by Monticello. Lorna Belchak took first finishing in just 25.87. Ella Vagle’s time of 27.45 put her in second, right ahead of Rose Urick, who finished in 27.96. The red and black held a distinct 51-11 advantage and were well on their way to another victory.

The divers also had a great showing with all of them reaching pr’s, with Macey Morgan breaking 200 (202.60) for the first time. Morgan’s showing took first place in the meet. Chloe Schwietering was second, scoring 170.90 and Addie Zigan finished in third, scoring 136.70.

The 100 fly was the first event Monticello didn’t take the top three spots. Adalynn Biegler finished in second place with a time of 1:02.09, no other Magic swimmers finished in the top three.

Adrienne Yender broke the minute mark in the 100 freestyle for the first time, she finished in first in just 58.94 seconds. Camdyn Branson took second place with a time of 1:00.48 and Ella Vagle took third finishing in 1:01.38.

The Magic didn’t take their foot off the gas. McKenna Biegler (5:50.42), Kennedy McCalla (6:02.99) and Serayna Greenwaldt (6:21.73) finished one-two-three, respectively during the 500 freestyle.

The Magic finished with the top two times during the 200 relay. Yender, Urick, Vagle and Martin (1:51.33) and Farnsworth, Anderson, Ibs and Branson (1:55.38) were the fastest teams during the event.

The girls also swept the top three spots of the 100 backstroke. Lorna Belchak (1:03.67), McKenna Stachowski (1:10.10) and Summer Olson (1:10.21) finished with the three fastest times.

Monticello took the second and third fastest times during the 100 breaststroke. Rose Urick (1:14.84) finished with the second fastest time and Alexis Welle (1:17.86) had the third fastest time.

Monticello finished off the meet by finishing with the three fastest times once again for the 400 relay. Belchak, Biegler, Yender and Biegler (3:57.07), Farnsworth, Vagle, Olson and Branson (4:07.81), and Fieldseth, McCalla, Gustafson and Stachowski (4:22.01) were the teams.

The steady growth of all the athletes has impressed Biegler, “they are learning how to race and push themselves while being in the part of the season where they are very tired from training hard. Fun to see how the athletes’ belief in themselves has grown throughout the season.”

The Magic have one last conference swim meet against Becker that they are favorites to win and should put the cherry on top of their regular season dominance this season, not uncommon for the girls swim team at Monticello.

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