Being a township resident, I was unaware of the move to re-brand the City of Big Lake until I read the Time’s 8/19 story.  My first question is why?  What was wrong with the current “brand”, and logo?  I can only assume that the city council, perhaps at the urging of the Chamber of Commerce, wants to increase Big Lake’s visibility so as to increase the rate of both people and businesses moving to our town.  Then I ask, what’s wrong with our current rate of growth?  Is it not our small town feel that makes Big Lake what it is?  What is the rush to turn our town into Maple Grove or Brooklyn Park? I am of the opinion that we already have a good thing going here and that we should let what some may tout as “progress”, proceed at its currently manageable rate and not attempt to increase this rate of change as that will only result in higher crime and taxes.

 Bret R. Collier 

Big Lake

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