Governor Tim Walz has gotten away with his abuses of power for far too long. When he shut down businesses, bars, restaurants, movie theaters and more last year, Republicans like Paul Novotny barely said a word.

It was only after months of activist prodding that the Minnesota Legislature finally voted to revoke Walz’ emergency powers that allowed him to act as a tyrant. Unfortunately, it was too little too late. During his reign of power, Walz destroyed thousands of businesses, while fining and jailing business owners who defied his orders. Walz put covid-positive patients into long-term care facilities, which led to Minnesota’s astronomically high covid-death rate among senior citizens. He put masks on our children’s faces, kept them home from school, and prohibited them from having a true high school experience.

Governor Walz did all of this with the stroke of a pen -- No legislative approval was needed! Walz overstepped his authority and must be held accountable. 

Walz must be impeached for what he has done to the people of Minnesota. As it stands, only a handful of legislators have committed to Articles of Impeachment against Walz. Considering that Novotny won his last election with nearly 70% of the vote, it puzzles my fellow conservative activists that he is not getting on board with this conservative cause. As it stands, Novotny is complicit in the suffering of the people in his district because of his refusal to act. 

If Novotny is not willing to stand up for the seniors, business owners, students, and families in his conservative state house district, perhaps it is time that a real conservative steps up to replace him. 

Jordan Chmielewski

Big Lake

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