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Many of us know Nick Zerwas has resigned as our state representative for District 30A covering Elk River and Big Lake. Because of Nick’s departure, we have an upcoming special primary election on January 14 followed by the special election on February 4. 

Sure, it’s a cold and blustery time of year but let us not allow the weather to keep us from performing our civic duty. The right to choose our own representation should not be taken lightly. Let’s get out and vote. And when we vote, let me suggest we support Paul Novotny. Paul is the clear choice! 

As the endorsed candidate of your local Republicans, he’s been vetted by the most active members of the party. He’s pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. He’s for limited government (in other words for keeping the government off our backs.) He’s also for the protection of parents’ rights with regard to education and healthcare. 

As a 30 year veteran of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s office, he knows our communities and has the heart of a servant. Please vote Paul Novotny for state representative on both January 14 and February 4.

Paul Knier,  Big Lake

Editor’s note: Paul Knier is a member of the Big Lake City Council

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