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I am writing to remind readers of the ongoing city and regional revisions to comprehensive development plans.  The city's planning commission held a public hearing Feb 4.  The commission's recommendations and comments from the public hearing will go from there to the city council. The focus of the public hearing is to review information generated from the 2040 Vision plan for the city's growth.  

Activities and  meetings took place throughout the fall to gather citizen input. that input has been molded into a proposal thought to encompass the information gathered by an outside consulting firm. Four initial proposals included models for 15% growth 25% growth 40 % growth and 50% growth. The models headings were "enhanced small town, emerging community, established destination & sustainable city". 
The end proposal highlighted citizen comments for a proposed growth scenario.   The estimated population for 2019 in the area is 13,747 people, yet data collected was a total of 305 responses  There were 236 hard copy comments and 174 online comments. Some reported strengths of our area included the small town charm, schools, recreational opportunities river, trails and local business.  Challenges reported included but were not limited to"traffic, lack of downtown business, few restaurants, and limited programming for adults and teens".
The proposed scenario created by the consulting firm promotes 40% growth in the area taking the population from 13,747 to 19,738, housing would go from 4,895 to 7,895 adding a potential of 2,162 students. This data is taken directly from the 2040 vision plan resources. 
With that level of dramatic change proposed I would encourage citizen input, attend the hearing, respond to the planning commission, city staff and council member prior to the council's review of the public hearing. In regional comprehensive planning meetings also going on at this time, our area county commissioner Darek Vetsch and city staff have engaged in discussions seeking public input . I think Commissioner Vetsch put it best when he suggested that engaging in these discussions "is your opportunity to define your quality of life".
I would encourage readers to review meeting notes and posts at the 2040 Vision plan web site below as well as the regional planning site, or directly contact your representatives to local govt., and provide your input and concerns regarding future trends in growth for the area
Shannon Bye, Monticello
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