The results of the Monti school district voting on the three questions were very disappointing.  Each of them lost on a roughly 2:1 result.  Not even close.  

I place the blame on the administration and secondarily on the school board.  The single page notice sent by the district gave no rationale for voting yes.  It provided all the legal stuff related to the impact on taxes and that was sufficient to scare many to vote no when we received nothing positive about the good it might do if passed.  

I realize that school income is extremely convoluted with multiple state, federal and local sources.  But it can be presented simply—I have seen it previously.  For example Question #1 would raise revenue by $475/pupil.  Is that a 100% increase or a 10% jump?  No information provided.  How many teacher position might that salvage vs. a no vote.  We were left without any guidance.  

There apparently were gatherings where the Superintendent presented information and answered questions but I believe that audience would be a very small percentage of the voters.  The rest of us were left somewhat clueless and had to blindly say we trusted their judgment.  

Looking at the total votes cast, it would appear that even the parents of students in the system were not unanimous in their support of any of the alternatives.  

One last point relates to the administrative staff size vs. teachers standing doing what they do so well---educating the students.  I do not believe that many of those administrative positions are mandated but rather positions being created for covering potential issues that may arise.  But I am willing to stand corrected on this—I only know that it appears the Administrator staff is growing at a higher rate than the teacher group.  Are they helping the teachers be better at what they do?  I do not know.  

Bob Esse,  

Silver Creek Township

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