My name is Joe Rosh and I am the DFL candidate for Minnesota House District 29B.

My professional and personal experiences give me a full understanding of what’s important to the residents of Buffalo, Maple Lake and Monticello. 

We are a community-minded district that wants the best education and opportunities for our kids, the best healthcare for our families, uncompromised job security and worker protections during uncertain times, and the assurance that our environment is protected for generations to come. 

As your representative I will push for fully funded Pre-K and career readiness education, job security for caregivers and new parents, mental health funding and life-saving treatments, and the expansion of wind, solar, and nuclear power. 

My opponent, Marion O’Neill, has consistently voted against our best interests. As the Representative for District 29B, O’Neill has voted against protecting first responders in the midst of the COVID crisis. Representative O’Neill has also voted against early childhood funding and the Equal Rights Amendment.

It’s time for responsive leadership in 29B. Our district deserves a leader that believes in progressive values combined with middle-class sensibilities. A leader that will actively listen, engage wholeheartedly, and work as hard for you as all of you do for your families. 

I pledge to be that leader. And experiences as an educator, union leader, baseball coach, father, neighbor, friend, and husband, have prepared me to do just that. To learn more about my campaign, please visit

Joe Rosh


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