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The “Petition to Bring the Building to a Vote By the People” was a smashing success!  Numerous people in the Monticello area signed.  More than 4,600 signatures from eligible voters in all districts of Wright County were submitted within 30 days.  Amazing!

County residents sent a clear message that they want county bonding of large ticket items on an even playing field with school district bonding.  Like voting for school construction, taxpayers want the opportunity to vote on the county Law Enforcement Training Facility and Government Center.  Far  more than the required 3,000 people of various ages and occupations requested the right to vote.  Thanks to the may who signed and assisted with the petition.

Yet the clear message fell on stone deaf ears.  Commissioners chose to completely ignore the citizens’ request.  Instead they used taxpayer time and money to find a legal loophole to invalidate the petition.  Then on June 11th of this off-election year commissioners forged ahead with more expensive alternative funding that required no public hearing and only a 3-2 vote.

Outspoken Monticello area Commissioner Darek Vetsch along with Michael Potter and Christine Husom ramrodded their expensive agenda that will impact Wright County for decades.  How disturbing it is that officials show total disregard for taxpayers and their hard-earned money.  The very people elected to uphold the Constitution of the United States denied their constituents the basic democratic right to vote.

Again, thanks to all who participated the successful petition drive.  The wording in a recent cartoon was very fitting and best sums the sentiment of many in Wright County:  “In God We Trust...  Because We Can’t Trust Our Politicians.”

Patricia Holthaus,  Monticello

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