After the presidential election, Congressman Emmer asked his constituents to seek common ground. We took him up on his offer and several of us requested a meeting with him to discuss the threat of domestic terrorism and the leadership role he could play in addressing this serious threat to our democracy.

As he was available to meet with his constituents we met with four of his staff on zoom. We presented his staff a thoroughly documented presentation about the threat of domestic terrorism including its impact in Minnesota. We asked that Congressman Emmer issue a statement that we believed would help address this issue acknowledging the legitimacy of the presidential election, that there was no evidence to support the “Stop the Steal”, and there is no evidence of conspiracy to commit voter fraud. 

At the end of the meeting, staff committed to share our request with the Congressman and get back to us with a response within two weeks. We waited for a response. We waited for a response. We waited for a response. After multiple phone calls and voicemails I finally was able to track a staff person down. I was told the Congressman supports the 2nd Amendment. That was it. Congressman Emmer does not seek common ground, unless it is ground he already covers. 

Steve Larson


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