An  extreme and far-reaching lawsuit has been filed in Ramsey County District Court challenging numerous abortion related-laws in Minnesota.  Some of the Minnesota statutes it seeks to strike down are Parental Notification, which ensures that parents are notified before a minor undergoes an abortion, and Woman’s Right to Know, which ensures informed consent prior to abortion.  It even challenges the Physician-Only requirement that requires abortions be performed by a doctor.

This past legislative session bills to legalize assisted suicide and eliminate the Women’s Right to Know law were introduced but failed to pass.  They will be introduced again this next session.  

Please consider attending the MCCL Fall Tour  on Monday, September 9, at 7 p.m. at St. Albert’s Parish Center where speakers from the State MCCL Office will show  a PowerPoint presentation with the latest information on the lawsuit, renewed efforts to legalize assisted suicide and other life issues.  You will hear how pro-life laws are saving lives and what is at stake in the elections.  Each attendee will receive an information packet.   

Marlene Lindenfelser,  St. Michael

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