It’s time to hear, understand, and expose the outright lies politicians have told you. 

My medical background consists of 12 years of education, multiple years of residency, teaching medical students, residents, and practitioners from many specializations. 

For complete transparency, I practiced surgery and medicine for 33 years before retirement. I am not licensed currently.

A website,, explains the real medical science and politics of Covid. Intentional outright political lies, issued as justification for wantonly, arbitrarily, and capriciously, justifying “administrative orders” removing our freedoms are, to wit:

Initial lockdowns never were imposed to “protect” we the people. Data shows lockdowns are not effective to prevent Covid spread. No studies exist to support the prevention of Covid by lockdowns;

Lockdowns have and continue to unconstitutionally infringe religious freedoms; depress the economy; irreparably damage Childhood Education and socialization at every level; increase domestic and child abuse; increase harm from undiagnosed/untreated heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, alcoholism, and suicides.

The list continues to grow.

Face masks are a false crutch that has not been shown by any reputable study to be effective prevention. A recently accepted scientific research from Denmark has not shown any significant benefit under strict conditions of use. The masks were N95 certified, used with detailed instructions such as those in operating rooms, and extensive sampling to confer scientific acceptance. See detailed use of masks on the website.

Leftist governmental infringement of our freedoms must not be allowed to continue. Every patriot must stand in unity now or become a part of this insidious movement toward a socialist, communist tyrannical government. 

Emergency powers found within the Minnesota Constitution are limited. Any “emergency” that may have existed is now long gone! The lies and, sadly, unfounded and distorted fear-mongering remains with the aid of news media.

I know what science is. I have not witnessed even a scintilla of science in the methods of attempting to control our lives. Actions propounded by administrative fiat refuse to recognize adverse scientific data. The CDC lists the real risk of severe outcomes due to exposure as less than 99.5 percent in all age groups.

I agree and support those restaurants that have patriotically remained open. I urge you to support go-fund-me pages to help with their legal expenses.

Gary L. Snyder, 

MD(ret.), RVT; Advanced 

Certificated Paralegal,  

Big Lake


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