After reading Jeffrey Hage's article dated Dec. 18th in the Monticello Times, a number of things were concerning to me about the article and the actions of our state government.  You would think that an article about a local, long standing community business would take a statement from the business or at least an ally to give their perspective on the genuine harm being inflicted on them.  Instead, it quoted extensively from attorney general Keith Ellison both shaming the business and making inaccurate statements.  We were lead to believe that only two businesses in the state defied Gov. Walz' dictatorial edicts and opened up.  In mid December at least 150 businesses committed to opening up despite the gubernatorial lockdown and many quietly opened.
MN,(and our governor) have one of the worst records in the nation in protecting the vulnerable adults in our care facilities during the covid-19 pandemic with 80+% of deaths in MN occurring in these facilities.  Instead of focusing on them, the governor is doubling down on an unproven lockdown, persecuting, threatening, and suing small businesses in our state.  The governor speaks a lot about, "following the science".   There is no established science supporting state lock downs to prevent the spread of covid 19, yet plenty of data documenting the harmful economic, social, and medical consequences of these lockdowns on society.  If he were truly "following the science", he may want to read the "Great Barrington Declaration" by esteemed epidemiologists and public health scientists.   It focuses on protecting the vulnerable, while not creating more public health and economic consequences from harmful government lockdowns and decrees.
I would encourage everyone to support our local businesses during these challenging times, including Cornerstone Cafe.  Their chicken wild rice soup, homemade breads and pies are worth the trip!
Brian Greteman
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