The Wright County Board took action on the following items at its Sept. 17 meeting. They were compiled by John Holler.

• Authorized signatures on a comprehensive cloud software license agreement to upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program with Ciber Global and Oracle America. The three-year contract was approved at a cost of $920,601. The new system will replace several other software systems currently in use in different departments that will drop the actual annual cost from $306,000 to about $200,000 when factoring in the software currently being paid for will be eliminated. Auditor/Treasurer Bob Hiivala had some reservations about the contract, saying that Wright County is the only county in the state that is using the Oracle ERP product, but he is on board with making it work as efficiently as possible.

• Approved an amendment to the county board workshop schedule to move the topic “2020 Board Meeting Schedule” from the December workshop to November.

•  Authorized board attendance the Dec. 9-11 Association of Minnesota Counties Annual Conference in St. Cloud.

•  Approved acceptance of a 2020-21 Radiological Emergency Preparedness Grant for the emergency management division of the sheriff’s office in the amount of $447,500.

•  Scheduled a committee of the whole closed session for 1 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1 to discuss labor union negotiation strategy. In a related item, set a labor negotiation team closed session for 9 a.m. Wednesday Sept. 25.

•  Approved creating an Amazon Prime business account. From June 6-Aug. 28, the county spent approximately $40,000 for business products, of with $2,000 in shipping charges. The board approved signing up with an Amazon business account for $1,300 a year. In a related matter, the board approved creating associated email domains so department heads can use their work email addresses to access Amazon Prime and make purchases if they are less expensive than other options. Some departments already have access to Amazon Prime, but this would make the system countywide for all departments.

•  Accepted numerous budget committee of the whole minutes from meetings held Aug. 7, 8, 14, 15, 19, 21, 22, 23 and 26 and Sept. 11. The current expectation is that the levy increase for 2020 will not be more than 6.9 percent. It was pointed out that, given the county’s record-setting tax capacity growth in 2019, most residents will see little to no increase in the amount of property tax they pay the county in 2020 as compared to 2019.

•  Approved a $20,000 service fee to the Lake John Improvement District for 2020, with the LID not being able to expend the money until after its annual meeting in August. It is standard practice for the county to budget for LIDs with the property owners being assessed so there is no cost to other county residents for their annual allocation.

•  Approved resolutions for a pair of final construction project payments. The first was a $12,284 payment to Landwehr Construction for replacing the Woodland Township Bridge – a project that cost $427,000. The other was the final $89,534 to Pearson Bros. Inc. for the 2019 county highway sealcoating projects that totaled $607,976.

•  Cancelled the Dec. 10 and Dec. 24 board meetings due to a conflict with the Association of Minnesota Counties Annual Meeting Dec. 10 and county offices closing at noon on Christmas Eve.

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