A St. Francis man who has allegedly passed counterfeit bills at restaurants and convenience stores in Anoka and Wright counties is now facing counterfeiting charges in Big Lake.

Jacob Theis, age 28, has been charged in Sherburne County District Court with felony possession of counterfeit currency after allegedly using four counterfeit $10 bills to purchase lottery tickets at the Speedway gas station and convenience store at 220 Jefferson Boulevard in Big Lake.

Theis was identified through the use of surveillance video on which he was observed purchasing the lottery tickets, throwing the counterfeit money on the counter and quickly leaving the store, according to the Big Lake Police Department.

Theis has been charged in a case where he was the driver of a truck where a woman bought lottery tickets at a Blaine convenience store, threw the bills on the counter and ran out of the store and into the truck. 

After being arrested following the Blaine incident, a search of Theis’ pick-up uncovered, in the center console, four counterfeit $20 bills, seven counterfeit $10 bills and six counterfeit $1 bills, according to Anoka County court records obtained by the Monticello Times. A counterfeit bill was also found in Theis’ wallet.

Officers found inside the pick-up truck two laptop computers, two cellphones, two packages of ivory-colored paper, a paper slicer, and two partially-printed counterfeit bills, the complaint states.

Theis is also a suspect in making other purchases with counterfeit bills. One purchase was at a Taco Bell in Blaine and at a Monticello gas station where six counterfeit $20 bills were used to purchase lottery tickets, the complaint states.


Jeff Hage is the managing editor of the Monticello Times. He majored in journalism at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

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