Monticello 2040

What will Monticello look like in 2040?

While the answer to that question is unclear, Monticello residents can have a role in the creating the City’s vision on Saturday, Nov. 2.

The City is hosting “Future Forward: A Community Speak Out” from 10 a.m. to noon at the Monticello Community Center.

Billed as an opportunity to envision the future of Monticello, the two-hour event is the first open house held in conjunction of creating Monticello’s 2040 vision and comprehensive plan- a guide used by city leaders to plan growth, create ordinances and regulations, and even establish capital improvement plans. In many ways, the comprehensive plan if the lifeline of city planning.

Cities update their plans about every 10 years to address changes within the community. Monticello’s current comprehensive plan was approved by the Monticello City Council in 2008.

Monticello 2040 Vision + Plan has two phases. The first phase, or visioning phase, kicked off in August at a special Music on the Mississippi event in West Bridge Park. The second phase will be the compiling of the updated comprehensive plan, which is estimated to be completed in 2021.

Since that Saturday afternoon in August when Phase I kicked off, city staff has been collecting input from city residents and business owners that will help city staff identify issues shaping the community over the next 20 years. This process includes stakeholder sessions this Thursday and Friday, where students and educators, realtors and developers, members of community organizations, transportation officials, seniors and senior care providers, business leaders, Xcel Energy, members of city boards and commissions, state law makers, and representatives from Monticello Township.

But come Saturday, Nov. 2, planning the future is all about hearing from members of the community.

The input from the community will be used by the city’s planning consultant, The Lakota Group, to assemble a snapshot of Monticello’s vision and values that should be available in a report come January, said Angela Schumann, community development director for the City of Monticello.

Saturday’s participants will see different scenarios for the future of Monticello that they will be asked to weigh in on, Schumann explained.

The input should assist the City and The Lakota Group with collecting data that will comfortably lead them towards the destination of the 2040 Vision and Plan.

The big question come Saturday will be “How can we grow.” Feedback from that question is one of the things that will be collected.

The City is looking at 20 years out, Schumann said, because “People think more thoughtfully and strategically when they look at the big picture.”

City leaders would like to see as many people as possible participate in the Saturday, Nov. 2 visioning session.

“We want to hear the voice of Monticello and it wants to see in the future,” Schumann said.

The community’s participation in this free, two-hour event will lead to a more vibrant and robust Monticello, she said.

“There will be real outcomes coming out of this process,” Schumann said.

And they will be very visible outcomes.

The Monticello Community Center is located at 505 Walnut St, in Monticello.

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