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Monticello’s Gary Revenig named to MSHSL board of directors

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Decisions made by the Minnesota State High School League’s executive board will soon have a local flavor.

That’s because Monticello High School Activities Director Gary Revenig has been named to the MSHSL’s board of directors.

Revenig was introduced as the MSHSL’s newest board member at the organization’s meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

The Monticello activities director represents Regions 7AA and 8AA on the MSHSL board of directors. He was elected to the position by representatives of the 32 member schools in Regions 7AA and 8AA. Three other people sought the position. Revenig will serve a four-year term.

There are eight members on the MSHSL’s board of directors. Two of those are principals, two are school board members, four are appointed by the governor, and four- like Revenig- are activities representatives.

As Revengig explained, “I’m on the board to make decisions that impact athletics and activities across the state, but I represent 32 high schools.”

Gary Revenig comes to the board with some experience working with the organization beyond being an activities director of a member school.

He spent three years on the MSHSL’s officials advisory committee as well as three years on a representative assembly.

There will be some big decisions coming before Revenig and the MSHSL Board in the coming weeks- some necessary because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the status of a student’s return to school.

Gov. Tim Walz’ office says a decision on students returning to school this fall will come next week.

On Tuesday, July 13, the Board made no decisions on the status of fall sports. But the board of directors voted to form a task force that will shape return-to-play scenarios for sports and activities as soon as the Govenor releases his back-to-school plan.

However, an action affecting the MSHSL’s budget was undertaken- the creation of a task force to explore financial options of the league.

It’s a very important topic, Revenig says.

“The high school league is funded heavily by revenue from state tournaments,” Revenig said.

“That might not be a good business plan,” he added.

In fact, about 80 percent of the MSHSL’s funds come from ticket sales, sponsorships and TV tied to state tournaments.

If no fall activities are held, the MSHSL projects a $466,000 budget deficit in the 2020-21 fiscal year. If winter activities are also canceled, that would mean an estimated deficit of $3.2 million, the MSHSL’s John Millea stated Wednesday, July 15 on the league’s website.

Another duty Revenig says he will be involved in as a member of the board is determining student eligibility when that eligibility for athletics or an activity comes into question.

But the duty Revenig might be looking forward to the most as a member of the MSHSL executive board will come at state tournament time when he will have an opportunity to present medals to state tournament participants.

“I look forward to being able to hand out medals at high school’s highest level,” Revenig said.

“Hopefully it will be to Monticello athletes,” he said.

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