Coach Telecky

Monticello football hosted a three-day camp for young athletes July 23 through July 26.

The Monticello high school football stadium was stacked with second through ninth graders ready to prove to themselves that they’re prepared for football at the high school level.

The camp is run through the Monticello Youth Football Association and Jason Telecky, the high school football coach, runs the camp with a few of his other coaches and 10 of his varsity players.

Telecky said the camp does more for the high school players and the coaches than anything. The young energy brings a new passion and zeal for the game of football.

“It’s organized chaos,” Telecky said. The energy that these kids bring is just amazing. They’re nonstop.”

The high school athletes and camp volunteers wear their homecoming jerseys to showcase the community aspect of Monticello football.

“I love the fact that our guys are interacting with the youth. The kids may hear a name and not know who that is, but they see number 30 on Friday night and when he’s running in for a touchdown they can go, ‘Oh, that’s the guy who was helping us.’”

The skills that the camp honed in on were passing, catching, running, blocking, tackling, aggressiveness and throwing accuracy. Telecky said that the main goal was to wear out the little guys.

The camp is a great way to get the boys ready for football season and a way to include the whole community as the Monticello Magic gear up for the season.

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