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Let’s not let our country and flag down

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To the Editor,

To borrow a phrase from Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone, Imagine if you will the United States as a body much like ours.

In its younger days vibrant, full of energy, not always making the right decisions but learning and gaining wisdom as it grew.

It one day contracts an illness, a cancer so to speak. After years of not having any symptoms, the cancer starts to finally show some negative attributes. The United States is struggling now. The cancer has engulfed just about all the vital organs. It has embedded itself in the Halls of Justice, the government is failing, the education system is needing attention, and the cancer controls what you see, hear, and read. The only part left to consume is the Heart and Soul of America.

Imagine again that cancer attacking the Heart and Soul on a daily basis. Relentless, willing to do anything to gain control. At first concentrating its attacks in Washington DC. Now it is opening sores (riots) all over the country. Trying to divide us via skin color, rich vs poor, old vs young.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is happening. We are the heart and soul. This election is about whether we want to give up hope and surrender to the cancer or fight it out. At stake is our hopes, dreams, and quality of life.

I believe there is way to much good left in Old Glory to let her down now.

Scott Devitt


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