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I’m going with Joe Rosh

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To the Editor,

Three things stood out to me when I talked to Joe Rosh about his campaign for District 29B: He believes in the power of local politics, he’s a strong advocate for progressive values and he talks like he actually wants to get things done.

As a local government reporter, I like to find the middle ground and I’ve voted on both sides of the ticket. While I don’t agree with Joe on some policies, I have confidence he’ll be willing to work with Republicans to pass needed legislation. For example, the critically important bonding bill never saw a vote this year because Democrats and Republicans can’t agree - what most people refer to as typical “politics.” Counties and cities across Minnesota aren’t getting the infrastructure funding they need because this Legislature can’t agree. It’s why people don’t trust politicians and it’s why politicians can’t get anything done.

Being that Minnesota was the only split Legislature in the country this session and with the once solid-blue Minnesota in play for President Trump, I find it more important than ever to elect somebody who’s willing to fight, who puts compromise over reelection, and who can make an impact for District 29B.

So even though I don’t agree with him on everything, I trust him to work for all Minnesotans - left, right, middle, and of all classes and colors - because working for all Minnesotans means working together when things need to get done.

Jakob Kounkel


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