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Honk honk bingo!

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Members of the Monticello Senior Center have been racking their brains trying to find ways to see each other while abiding by social distancing laws.

“The isolation alone is so awful that were trying to think of anything and everything we can do,” said Pam Loidolt, senior center director.

This new activity grabbed the attention of senior citizens right away.

The Monticello Senior Center hosted parking lot Bingo for the first time on Tuesday, June 9in the community center parking lot.

Loidolt, got the word out a week prior and 22 people in 13 cars showed up to play for the first week.

Each car was parked with an open space between it and the next car and Bingo players were directed to stay in their cars the whole time.

Volunteers and participants couldn’t hide their excitement when the game started.

As the balls started rolling when Ketzel Domke called out Bingo numbers until someone signaled a Bingo with two honks of a car horn.

As soon as a volunteer heard two honks they would head over to the car take the Bingo card from the player in the car, then head over to Ketzel to confirm the Bingo. Once everything checked out that player received a pack of cookies and everyone cleared their boards.

“It’s just so fun to see everyone again,” Loidolt said. “Who doesn’t love Bingo- and it’s a perfect day.”

To sign up for next week’s parking lot Bingo you can call Loidolt at the center at 763-295-2000.

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