The Wright County Board of Commissioners has voted on the potential redistricting of two county commissioner districts – a process that required a pair of 3-2 votes to reach a conclusion.

In late-2021, when Census population data was released and disseminated, it was determined that all five commissioner districts were within the threshold of population that redistricting wouldn’t be necessary.

At a public hearing at the April 19 board meeting, members of the public came forward proposing that the largest district (District 3 with a population of 30,192) had almost 4,000 more residents than District 4 (26,253) be able to switch two jurisdictions – shifting two precincts from St. Michael (10,176 people) from District 3 to District 4 and moving Albertville (7,896 people) from District 4 to District 3. Under the current configuration, St. Michael was represented in two commissioner districts.

With that proposed change, the populations of the five commissioner districts would have a population difference of just 806 from the largest district to the smallest and District 3 would go from  being the most populated district to the least populated. 

The board authorized drawing up maps to show the differences before a vote was taken – today’s meeting was the deadline date for submitting a redistricting plan to the state.

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