We have exciting news about an upcoming change to your newspaper. 

Starting next week, the Monticello Times newspaper will be changing to a new, easier-to-handle size.

The redesigned look will still arrive in your mailbox each week, but instead of being 22 inches tall, it will now be 14 inches, making it much easier to page through to find your favorite news and advertising information.

Part of this update is based on a process we started at APG of East Central Minnesota a few years ago, which included the transformation of several of our other newspapers to this navigation-friendly format.

This change for the Monticello Times is part of that migration for the rest of our papers. You may also notice some new tweaks to individual pages, mostly that content will have more prominence on each page, allowing us to highlight stories and advertisements more effectively on each page.

The number of pages you receive each week will also grow in size.

Given this physical size is much easier to browse, we think you will enjoy your new paper.

If you have questions about the delivery of your paper or know somebody who would also like to receive it you can contact us at servicecenter@apgecm.com or call 763-712-3544.

Thanks for your continued support of the Monticello Times.

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