Today State Senator Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake) announced her candidacy for Governor of Minnesota, joined by her family and friends at Master Machine in Blaine.

“I am an unwavering conservative fighter who will prioritize public safety, empower parents in education, and lead an opportunity economy.

“An extreme agenda is dividing us with radical, leftist policies that aren’t Minnesotan. Trying to defund the police while crime rates are skyrocketing. Shutting down schools, and crippling neighborhood businesses, when the science and common sense says it’s safe to keep them open. I’ve seen enough, and it’s time to get to work.

“I was raised where service wasn’t about speeches, it was about showing up early and staying until the work was done.

“Minnesota should be a place where dreams can grow. Where families succeed. It will be hard work, but together, we can make Minnesota safer, better, and stronger. A brighter future for Minnesota starts right now. Let’s get to work.” 

MINNESOTA ROOTS: Michelle was raised on a farm in western Minnesota. This taught her the values of hard work and discipline, so when she saw her community hurting from government overreach and overspending, she was prepared to stand up and speak out. 

FAMILY VALUES: As a mother, Michelle understands our worries. She will stop any and all efforts to defund our police or shut down our schools to keep our children safe and on track for a better future.

SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP: Michelle has successfully kept money in our pockets. She helped pass tax cuts to protect our families, seniors, farms, and small businesses. She’s advanced common sense energy policy and lowered insurance premiums to protect family budgets. 

The Michelle for Minnesota campaign released their first campaign video, which can be found at Additional issue and biographical information for Senator Benson can also be found on the website. The launch video can be found on YouTube here.

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