The University of Minnesota Extension-Wright County is currently seeking two partners for the 2019 Black Cutworm Monitoring Project. The goal of the project is to work in collaboration with area farmers to monitor black cutworm pheromone traps this spring. The data collected from our partners on the traps will enable researchers on our Integrated Pest Management team to be able to detect black cutworm migrations into Minnesota this spring and provide advance warning on when and where to expect cutting damage from black cutworms. As a partner you will be responsible for the following:

Installing a trap provided by our Integrated Pest Management team in a location that is easily accessible to you, but away from nighttime lighting (dusk to dawn or security lights).

Check the trap daily and record the results on a spreadsheet provided.

Report the data records to our Integrated Pest Management team each Friday for data collection.

 Data will be collected from around the state and a summary map, which indicates where significant captures have occurred, will be prepared. This map and a short newsletter will be sent to our partners each week. This information will also be posted on the web at: In addition, the website contains information on the black cutworm, its biology, damage to crops and management decisions.

If you are interested in partnering with us on this project, please contact the Wright County Extension Office at 763-682-7394.

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