Legionville 1 2021
Legionville 2 2021

12 students from Pinewood and Little Mountain Elementary left for Legionville School Safety Patrol Camp in Brainerd. The students camp tuition was sponsored by the Ellison Family Trust & Foundation.  The Monticello American Legion Auxiliary provided Tshirts, and a bag with snacks and bottled water.   The American Legion provided each student $10 cash to spend at the camp canteen. The American Legion Riders provided a motorcycle escort to Clearwater.  Principle Gabe was there to make sure the send off went smoothly as well as the Children and Youth Chairmen Caryn and Jim Wallin. Auxiliary President- Mary Simondet, Commander-Terry Sickels, Riders Director- Richard Caruso and other Rider members were all present for the send off.  Students will learn first aid, CPR, water safety, cross walk and bus safety as well as patrol procedures.  We look forward to seeing them this fall at the crosswalks when school begins. This is a commitment that these students and their parents have made to be a school patrol member-and they are going to be our future leaders!


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