Lupulin Melvin

Lupulin Brewing and Melvin Brewing are excited to bring you a collaboration almost four years in the making. One epic road trip back in 2017, lots of beers, and even a night spent dancing with an elephant on a rooftop bar in Denver has led to the most epic liquid collaboration. Lupulin Co-Founder Matt Schiller remembers the journey well, "We were somewhere around Sheridan on the edge of the Bighorns when the thoughts began to take hold. I remember saying something like, "I feel a bit light headed, maybe you should drive, Jack..." Then suddenly, there was a roar, and dreams of hop saturated liquid began flowing through the sky, flying and diving around the car, which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down to Alpine, WY."

Operation CoHoperation - Melvin, the latest in Lupulin’s collaboration series, is a 9% West Coast Style Double IPA with a bold and fruity kick. A clean canvas malt bill supports the bodacious amounts of Simcoe and Columbus hops serving up their grapefruit and dank aromas. Then they bumped it up a notch with Talus to add citrus, woody and floral notes for a perfect balance between two breweries.​ Operation CoHoperation - Melvin will start hitting shelves this week!

"We've been fans of the Lupulin Brewing crew since we first met, and finally the stars aligned so that we could make this collaboration. Both breweries have a big appreciation for classic West Coast IPA, and we make it a little different here on the West Coast of Wyoming, so it was fun updating a more old-school recipe to bring people the best of both worlds." Said Travis Cooke, Marketing Director for Melvin Brewing.

The Bomb Beverage from Jackson, Wyoming are also partnering with Lupulin Brewing Company to make this collaboration brew available in the state of Wyoming. Owners Zach Padilla and Nick Spaulding assisted Lupulin in getting licensed and registered in order to make it possible to showcase the collaboration in Melvin's local market, beginning on March 1st.

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