olympics family celebration

Perhaps last Sunday you heard the iconic Olympic music coming from a farm along 85th St NE in rural Monticello, or maybe you witnessed the lighting of the torch, or saw Olympic rings and wondered what you were seeing. 

The nearly constant rain did not dampen the spirits of the forty members of the Brauch family who gathered to commemorate the life of Roman Brauch, a long time Monticello resident who passed away ten years ago on July 29. 2009. The idea to celebrate his life with the Olympics came from two of his daughters: Trish (Brauch) Petersen and LuAnn (Brauch) Pribyl. Four generations of the family came together to celebrate in a manner of which the patriarch would approve-games.

The games began with a prayer and the “Star Spangled Banner.” Then followed the parade of teams led by the selected member of the third generation (ages four to fifteen) carrying the team flag whose colors correlated with the Olympic rings: blue, yellow, black, green and red. The torch was lit and the games began.

Ages of the participanats range from newborn Kendall Pribyl to age 90-matriarch Donna Brauch. Although Kendall was not an active participant, her presence was appreciated by all. Donna chose to take part in the blindfolded candy identification contest and to lead the cheering section.

Although their games have not yet been included in the official summer games of the Olympics, they were none-the-less highly competitive. The shoe kick distance event, the water balloon toss, the water cup relay and the three legged race are just a few of the events lasting several hours.

After competitors worked up an appetite, they enjoyed grilling and a potluck dinner before the awards ceremony. Medals were awarded atop a three tiered podium to a great deal of cheering and winners posed for photographs.

The closing ceremonies in true Olympic style consisted of the teams mingling with each other, helping to clean the areas and exchanging hugs. Tired they were, but a good times was had by all.

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