Through the generosity of our sponsors in the community, we were able to bless 50 elderly & disabled individuals and struggling families this Christmas!! 

Earlier this year one of our board members suggested we have a Christmas Program to bless some of our clients who could use some love, kindness and support, especially shut-ins, those in need, or those without family, whom we serve during the year. We weren’t sure how this would come together, but God made a way.  God provided generous sponsors to help make this happen.

Then we were amazed when beautiful bags filled with wrapped gifts & poinsettias were generously donated from a local nonprofit called Everyday Grace.  Everyday Grace hopes that these unexpected acts of kindness will let people know they are loved and not alone. 

It’s also a reminder to all of the importance of spreading kindness however you can to those around you.  The bags for our elderly and disabled clients included a cozy blanket, a puzzle, a beautiful coloring book, Max Lucado Christmas book, a devotional, cozy socks and more, all which were wrapped. 

In the family bags, there was a large cookie and frosting decorating kit, a cozy blanket and family friendly fun activities!  We also brought them a poinsettia plant, chocolates, a $50 gift card or $100 gift card for families, and a Christmas Card which included the Christmas Sponsor Name.  These folks were SO EXCITED to see us standing at their doorstep with our Santa hat, reindeer antlers, and big smiles to bring them Christmas Cheer! 

God’s timing was amazing when we arrived at a home to deliver these gifts, one of the volunteers who helped assemble the bags was there as home care, and got to see first hand what a difference it makes!  We saw many tears, and people were shocked and saying things like, ‘This is for me?’  It let people know they are not forgotten and that their community cares about them, and that they matter!!  

For many we were their only company this Christmas, and they were so happy when we could stay and visit a bit with them!  We were also able to pray with them for their families, health concerns or other needs before we left.  Faith in Action has many services including transportation, light cleaning, minor home repairs, respite, friendly visiting, yard work, snow removal and more at no cost because we are community supported. 

More than just providing services, Faith in Action continues to strengthen communities one caring relationship at a time.  This is the heart of who we are and what we strive to do in our communities.  Thank You for joining us in this important mission!!    763-263-4277

 Some comments we heard from recipients:

“I think I will have some Christmas spirit now, thanks to good people like you.”  -When we delivered to a 96 year old widow.\

“These gifts will go under my tree, so I have something to open on Christmas.” -An elderly gentleman.

“I just started dialysis, and this soft blanket will be perfect to keep me warm during treatments.”  -An older lady struggling with loneliness.

“My kids will be so excited to open these gifts!  Thank you so much!” -Single mom of 4 after fleeing an abusive relationship this past year.

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