Monday, Sept. 30 — The Twins lost their final game of the season in Kansas City yesterday but won the series 2-1 and finished the season with a 101-61 record, the second most wins ever by a Twins team. Minnesota ended up with 307 home runs, one more than the Yankees, and set a major league record for a season, beating the record set by the Yankees in 2018. It was the Year of the Home Run in the majors. The Dodgers, Astros and Yankees also beat the 2018 record.  And 15 teams - half of the MLB's 30 - set team records for home runs.There were 549 players who homered in the major leagues, a record. A record 38 players hit 35 or more. The Twins hit 170 homers on the road, only 137 at home. They hit 59 in August, their biggest month, and only 39 in September as some players didn't play as often.

 Friday, Oct. 4 — The Twins take on the Yankees at Yankee Stadium tonight in the opening game of division playoffs. The headline today in the New York Post read: "Twinkies For Dinner." I don't know if that's how the Yankees view the series, or if they think they're really in for a battle. We've heard all week how long it has been since the Twins beat the Yankees in a playoff game, as well as how many in a row the Twins have lost to the Yankees in the postseason (10). There are a few question marks for the Twins — is Luis Arraez healthy and available, and is Max Kepler ready to play after not batting in the last 14 games, and batting in only three of the last 19? I don't think what has happened in the past will have anything to do with who wins this series. I do think it will be a difficult task to beat the Yankees. But, it's a new year and maybe things will finally go the Twins' way. I'm looking forward to the games, as well as being glad I have the MLB channel which is needed to watch the game tonight.  

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