The Monticello School District received word this week that Monticello’s unique funding

issue, caused by a forced special education cooperative status change from the Minnesota

Department of Education, will be addressed on both the Senate and House K-12 omnibus


The House bill asks for the full $1.6 million that Representative Marion O’Neill lobbied for

on behalf of the district. The Senate bill asks for the district to be reimbursed by $800,000.

Eventually, there will be more work to do. Once we know the committee members that will

hash out the differences between the bills, there will be more calls to be made in an effort

to get the full $1.6 million on the final bill. And we will need to reach out to Governor

Dayton to stress the importance of this bill, to avoid a line item veto down the road. We will

be in touch in the next couple of weeks with more information on that. But for now, we just

want to take this time to say a huge thank you to our Monticello School Community for

your continued support and your continued fight on behalf of education and behalf of this


We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude toward Rep. O’Neill for first

introducing this bill, and to Senator Bruce Anderson for joining her in the push to correct

this wrong. We greatly appreciate your efforts.

This process isn’t done, and a reimbursement is not yet secured. But this is another big

step in the right direction, and one that each of you played a major part in helping us make.

For that, we thank you!

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