In 6 months, it will be winter again.  Natural gas and home heating oil comes out of the same holes in the ground as does our gasoline and diesel.  My natural gas prices for April of this year were 83% higher than the year before, 101% higher than two years ago.  What do you think they are going to be this winter?

The major oil companies here in the US need to get together and announce that starting immediately they are going to be resuming production to 2020 levels, with or without government permits/leases as they are not controlled by the federal government but are independent/shareholder owned entities.  They need to state that, “We recognize that the United States currently runs on fossil fuels, not only for transportation and heating, but for the creation of plastics and other materials used in everyday life.  We can no longer stand by and take direction from a federal government that is hell bent on destroying the American way of life by restricting production of a necessary resource, causing our country to experience unnecessary inflation and fall deeper into its current recession, which will lead to a devastating depression.  We continue to stand for and embrace traditional American values, those values that built America into the world power that it was.  America was energy independent before, we will be soon again.  We thank you for your support and wish to assure you that better days are on the horizon.  Thank you and God bless.”

Bret R. Collier,  

Big Lake


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