Senator Mary Kiffmeyer (R-Big Lake) joined her Senate Republican colleagues at a press conference expressing opposition to any changes to the state’s electronic pull tab (e-pull tab) gaming rules. The proposed changes would negatively impact charitable organizations or the establishments that participate in those games resulting in $100 million loss. 

“I do not support any changes to the current law for e-pull tabs,” Kiffmeyer said. “Losing e-pull tabs would be a statewide loss of $100 million to our local charities like softball leagues, hockey, 4-H, nursing homes, fire departments and many more. 

“Pull tabs have been incredibly successful in helping charitable organizations and even funding the Vikings stadium in a negotiated agreement. Any changes to these laws would be a massive step backwards for our state and I will not support any attempt to pull the e-pull tab law.” 

In 2012, a bipartisan agreement allowed e-pull tabs and bingo to be a funding source for the state’s share of the Minnesota Vikings stadium. More recently, an Administrative Law Judge ruled that e-pull tabs also do not violate the tribal gaming monopoly in Minnesota. With these factors considered, Senator Mary Kiffmeyer does not and will not support any changes to the e-pull tab laws. 

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