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Editor’s Note: The following commentary was submitted by Chad Hobot, a candidate for House District 30A. The Monticello Times allows candidates a position paper upon filing for political office. 

On Monday, July 27, 2020 Chad Hobot officially announced he is running for the Minnesota House of Representative to represent Elk River, Big Lake and a portion of Otsego, in District 30A.  The election is Tuesday, November 3. 

Chad Hobot was endorsed by the DFL in May and is running for the seat currently held by Republican Paul Novotny.  

“We need to get our economy moving again and keep us safe from COVID-19. Our state government needs to pursue budgets, policies, investments, and incentives that produce both simultaneously.”  Hobot said.

When asked about creating local jobs, Hobot noted the failure of the legislature to pass the bonding bill.  “The bonding bill is a stimulus package we need.  I cannot understand why local elected members of the Minnesota House of Representatives blocked this, including Paul Novotny.  At a Legislative Breakfast sponsored by the Sherburne County Commissioners in January, all the local elected officials and candidates pledged to move the ‘shovel ready’ projects forward.  Instead, they chose to fight with the governor instead of creating jobs” he said.

Although the bonding bill’s future is uncertain, Hobot suggested it doesn’t have to be.  “There is no room for playing politics with safety and creating jobs.  We need to elect representatives to the legislature with the ability to work together and get things done.   I believe in calling balls and strikes.  It doesn’t matter to me if a good idea comes from a Republican or Democrat.  If it is good for our area, I’m going to pursue it.”

As for other priorities, Hobot concluded saying “our schools and local small businesses have been turned upside down due to COVID.  We need to help them recalibrate and rebuild.  On top of this, due to unemployment, many families have lost access to affordable health care.  They need affordable health care options.”

Chad Hobot, age 47, owns an internet marketing company working with businesses in the area, and is engaged to Diane Nguyen.  He has coached both youth hockey and football in Elk River, enjoys fishing, turkey and deer hunting and attends and volunteers at Free Grace United Church in Elk River.

For more information on Chad Hobot for Minnesota State Representative, or to get involved with his campaign or donate, visit, or go to Facebook at 


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