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BIG LAKE - The Big Lake City Council has moved forward in ordering plans and specifications for a street and utility improvement plan that was delayed in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The project mirrors the 2020 project and remains one of the largest street and utility projects proposed for Big Lake in about a decade.

There are 22 streets proposed for improvements under the plan, according to Big Lake City Engineer Lane Otteson.

The project is part of Big Lake’s capital improvement plan.

However, City Council member Ken Halverson would like to see more detailed work than is being called for on some of the city’s busier streets- such as Euclid Avenue. In the name of safety, Halverson would like to see sidewalks included on some of these busier streets to get children and families with children out of the roadway and onto a safer sidewalk system.

Otteson said those discussions can be held at future workshop meetings.

Streets identified for reconstruction without a sidewalk include: 

• Edgewater Place – Lakeshore Drive;

• Euclid Avenue – Lakeshore Drive to US 10;

• Euclid Court – Euclid Avenue;

• Hennepin Avenue – Lakeshore Drive;

• Highland Avenue – Lakeshore Drive; 

• Lake Avenue – Lakeshore Drive;

• Nicollet Avenue – Lakeshore Drive; 

• Oak Avenue – Lakeshore Drive to Oak Street; 

• Oak Street – Oak Avenue;

• Powell Circle East – Powell Street North

• Powell Circle North – Powell Street North 

• Powell Circle West – Powell Street North 

• Red Oak Drive – Lakeshore Drive;

• Shady Lane – Lakeshore Drive;

• Westwood Drive – Lakeshore Drive; and

• Will Street – Powell Street North to Hill Street.

Streets identified for reconstruction with a sidewalk include:

• Powell Street – Hiawatha Avenue to Glenwood Avenue;

• Sherburne Avenue – Lakeshore Drive to Euclid Avenue; and 

• Will Street – Powell Street North to Hill Street.

Streets identified for pavement resurfacing include:

• Leighton Drive – Leighton Circle to 85 feet west of Maple Lane; 

• Leighton Circle – Leighton Drive;

• Oak Circle - Leighton Drive; and

• Maple Lane – Leighton Drive to Euclid Avenue.

In 2020, after the street project was put on hold, contractors performed repairs to some of the immediate needs on city streets. That work is no longer included, in the 2021 plan, Otteson said.


Jeff Hage is the managing editor of the Monticello Times. He majored in journalism at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

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