Voters in the Westonka school district rallied around the district’s “revoke and replace” request, passing one two-tiered levy that replaces three existing levies.

The request drew overwhelming support at the polls, with 65.2 percent of voters in favor of the measure and 34.7 percent opposed. The move will increase per-pupil funding from $1,095.62 to $1,445.62 in 2020-29; with and an additional $350 per pupil from 2024-29. Those increases translate into around $1 million for the district next year; with another $1 million generated by the 2024-29 phase.

The four incumbents running for re-election split the vote nearly evenly – Dave Botts took 24 percent; Kelle Bowe garnered 25.7 percent; Ralph Harrison earned 23.8 percent; and Heidi Marty claimed 24.5 percent.

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