To the editor,

I recently moved to the Mound area with the specific intention of being here because of the schools and community. Having grown up in a similarly sized city, I fully appreciate the sense of connectedness our schools help bring to the community.

I felt compelled to write this letter to share how important I feel it is for our community to vote “Yes” for the upcoming levy. I attended the information session in the spring and, as the facts were presented, it was very apparent to me that:

1. This funding is essential to the continued success of our district; and

2. Our district has fallen behind the neighboring schools in terms of the amount of funding it receives per student.

I was shocked to learn that our district currently has the lowest combined levy rate in all of Hennepin County. Further, even with the passage of this new levy, Westonka will still have the lowest school taxes in Hennepin County. Despite the lower funding, our district has continued to improve the educational experience, rising higher in many school rankings.

Depending on home value, the initial increase will amount to less than $8 per month. There is no question in my mind, voting “Yes” is the right thing for our community.

Kate Siegrist


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