To the editor,

Responsible Minnesotans were moved by the news from El Paso and Dayton that numerous innocents were gunned down by domestic terrorists armed with military-style weapons of assault.

Too many times we have lowered the flag to honor the men, women and children sacrificed by strangers.

Nationally, despite a push to reign in unregulated gun sales, no legislation has been forthcoming.

Here at home, legislative efforts have flagged.

More than 80 percent of Minnesotans have expressed support of regulations which place reasonable limits on the sale of weapons.

In spite of that, two of our local legislators continue to toe the line for the National Rifle Association. In District 33, Sen. David Osmek and Rep. Jerry Hertaus steadfastly vote against any measure which even remotely hints of gun regulation.

How many people must die? How can they justify the sale of instruments specifically designed to summon human carnage?

How many days until a gunman with an assault rifle and multiple cartridge clips kills numerous moms and dads and kids from a Minnesota town?

How can these politicians sleep at night?

Stephen A. Miltich

St. Bonifacius

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