To the editor,

Had your work hours cut back, been laid off or worse lost your job since the pandemic and recession hit? Are you worried about paying your mortgage? The Orono School Board has a plan to help you. They want to increase spending for the schools and then increase your property taxes to pay for it.

Last year the citizens of Orono voted no to the School Board’s referendum to spend millions more at the schools. As in the past, no doesn’t mean no to the Orono School Board. They have rewritten their demands in words they feel the community wants to hear and are rerunning the referendum again. Now we’re told how destitute and under funded the Orono Schools are compared to other schools. Tens of millions of extra dollars given to the schools and the poor Orono Schools just can’t get by.

The idea that the taxpaying citizens in the Orono community have any oversight or control on spending and tax hikes by the Orono School Board is pure illusion. The Orono School Board has the perfect system in place. The referendum vote only counts if it goes in favor of the School Board. If the vote is no then it doesn’t count and the School Board runs the referendum again the following year or until it passes. This is truly ‘Taxation without representation’ because the idea of being able to represent yourself on issues at the schools and having any real say with your vote is false.

The system in place now will never change. If you want any say in the spending policies of the schools then the School Board and the School Superintendent who supports them has to be changed. It’s time for a group to organize and begin the legal process of replacing the above with balanced individuals who consider the impact on the community their spending policies have.

Vote no, again this November and Petition your state representatives to pass a law that when a community votes down a referendum school boards cannot rerun it until it passes. No, means no.

Nick Medwid

Long Lake

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