To the editor,

As an Orono alum, I am proud to see the dedication and commitment of some of this year’s election candidates, coming from a pool of amazing Orono alumni: Dario Anselmo, Danny Nadeau, and Gretchen Piper.

Dario Anselmo, 1980, is trying to make a difference by running for District 6 Hennepin County Commissioner. Since he was a young adult, Dario has carried a deep commitment to mental health and the need for improved social services in a responsible way. It’s one aspect of his personality that I see resonating through him today. Dario has a depth of quality and character that I think is a testament to his dedication to family and community.

District 7 Hennepin County Commissioner candidate, Danny Nadeau, is my 1983 classmate. Danny recently stepped up to help me with a difficult Hennepin County social services situation. He was willing to call leaders on all sides, and it was remarkable to see Danny in action. It gave me great admiration of him and expectation of what we will see from him as one of our important Commissioners.

Gretchen Piper, running for State Senate, District 33, is a 1987 alum and an Orono parent. I have witnessed her thoughtfulness within our community through her dedication to legislative action and several educational strategic planning committees. I admire how Gretchen is persistent in her commitment to what she believes, and she leads with years of experience and integrity.

Since my era at Orono, and raising my four children K-12 here, I have learned how important Orono’s Pillars of Character are. I believe they relate to each of these candidates: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

It is critical that we elect candidates, less on party lines, and more on who is a quality person. To achieve this goal, we need everyone to vote in the primaries on August 11th, and on November 3rd. I believe that Dario Anselmo, Danny Nadeau, and Gretchen Piper will be great leaders, and thus they have each earned my support.

Jeanne Morrison Cook


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