To the editor,

Does anyone in our senate district really want to defund our police? Do we want to tolerate rioting and looting in Wayzata? Or burning buildings in Mound? How about importing the increased level of violence that has plagued Minneapolis since Memorial Day?

I sure don’t. That’s why we need to re-elect Dave Osmek as our state senator. He will never vote to allow defunding of police, to be replace by professional grief counselors and certified huggers. He supports service officers in our schools to help kids, not banishing them like the DFL is doing in the schools that need them the most. And Dave’s support has been recognized – he has been endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officer’s Association, which is a recognition of his commitment to our police departments.

If you stand with our local police officers, support them and re-elect Dave Osmek as our state senator in November.

Jonathan Aannstad


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