To the editor,

I was moved to write this letter because I am concerned about the impact reelecting David Osmek will have on our children and our district. I am a volunteer with a nonprofit organization called Safe Passage for Children of Minnesota. This is a strong, nonpartisan citizen driven organization speaking up and improving the lives of abused and neglected Minnesota children. Our mission is to ensure that Minnesota has a child welfare system (public Child Protection and Foster Care programs and related services) in which children are safe and reach their full potential.

I advocate on behalf of victims of child maltreatment with the intent of holding counties and the state accountable for good outcomes for these children and their families. As a child advocate, when our organization has their “Day on the HilI, I meet with our legislative representative and senator to advance changes in our current Child Protection system to accomplish this goal. We advocate for the reforms that were recommendations from the bipartisan Task Force on Child Protection created by Gov. Mark Dayton in 2014. When I tried to schedule appointments with Senator Osmek, I was unable to schedule any for three of the years of his four-year term in office. I am a Democrat and my husband is a Republican. The only year I was able to meet with Sen. Osmek was when my Republican husband intervened to make the appointment.

This has been a very frustrating experience especially since protecting our children is so important. Our senators are elected to represent all constituents, Democrat and Republican alike. Senator Osmek blatantly did not meet his elected responsibilities and should not be returned to office. We need a senator who will work with all of us to meet the needs of our state.

Phyllis Skinner


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