To the editor,

The road to recovery from COVID-19 in our state will be rocky and painful. Estimates right now show a $2 billion deficit in Minnesota’s budget, and over $2.5 billion in reduced revenues projected for the next one. Our “rainy day fund” will be spent to zero and we need leaders who have the experience and leadership to guide us through these difficult financial times.

That’s why we need to re-elect Dave Osmek as our state senator.

Dave has years of public service and knows we need to fund what’s important and cut what’s not. And with numerous awards for being the Best Friend of the Taxpayer, he has a record to prove that he defends our wallets first.

In the difficult times ahead, we need a leader who is fiscally responsible, with a proven track record of getting things done. Let’s re-elect Dave Osmek, a senator that works for all of us.

Pamela McDonald


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