To the editor,

Who would have thought that a virus, leaked from a lab in China, would destroy American freedom as we know it? Our God-given rights have been trampled under the guise of public health. Concepts like medical freedom and body autonomy have been discarded and avoided.

While most vaccines provide immunity for diseases, these vaccines do not. While most vaccines have been studied and researched for decades, these vaccines have not. While most vaccines follow procedures that force transparency of negative reactions and side effects, these vaccines do not.

We are witnessing the destruction of our great nation and state because President Joe Biden and Gov. Tim Walz think they know how to live our lives better than we do. This is pure tyranny. Many are taking the ultimate stand against unlawful, government mandated, vaccine coercion by losing their jobs, something they should never have to do.

We should not live in a state where your religious exemption can be denied or you need an exemption from this shot in the first place!

The state Senate has a Republican majority consisting of 34 republicans, 31 democrats, and two independents so if every Republican senator votes together we can end this forever!

The legislature will be meeting for a special session to vote on the Frontline Workers Pay Bill so the GOP senators need to propose the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment in that bill before a new era of discrimination and segregation becomes law in Minnesota.

We need to call up our state senator, David Osmek, at (651)-296-1282 and force him to end the vaccine mandates during this special session.

It’s time to show if he is a champ or a chump. We need leadership and for Osmek to represent his constituents. Your call could make the difference, we can persuade him to fight!

Russell Browne


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