To the editor,

As a local business leader, an Orono alum, and Orono parent, I heartily endorse Orono Schools’ technology levy renewal on the ballot this election.

In my capacity as President of JEM Technical in Long Lake, I advocate for the importance of strong technical education in our public schools. When our schools have the funding, tools and infrastructure needed to provide students with all aspects of a technical education, students are afforded a wealth of career paths and local businesses gain a capable and innovative work force.

As an alumni of Orono and an ambassador for our local businesses, I partner with Orono High School to provide students with practical work experience and strive to hire local students for a career at JEM Technical. From my perspective, there is no more important need than funding computer and technical learning at Orono Schools.

As an Orono parent, I witness the essential role of technology in providing a top-notch education for today’s students. Classroom technology enables learning in incredible new ways, from virtual dissection in a biology course to international interaction in a world language course. Given today’s interconnected global markets and world health conditions, there never has been a better time to ensure that our children have the digital connectivity required to be equipped for success.

When Orono Schools have the resources necessary to provide the best education to our children, our local businesses and families flourish. Join me in support of the renewal of Orono Schools’ technology levy referendum this fall.

Andrea Tysdal


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